Options and Pricing

When it comes to the installation of your UTURN driveway turntable, there are a number of options available.

First and foremost, we always install our turntables onto a concrete pad - similar to a shed base. If anyone tells you that a vehicle turntable can be installed onto a hardcore base, we can assure you, from first hand viewing experience, that this is a recipe for disaster of the ‘subsiding' kind.

The required depth of concrete is 100mm and does not need to be reinforced, just smooth and flat.

The average depth of sump is just 200mm, with the added advantage that motorised models are powered by a single-phase domestic household 13amp socket.

There is no special skill set required to install a UTURN driveway turntable; you just need to be physically fit and have some basic DIY experience. We provide a comprehensive ground work drawing and installation manual to enable you, or your builder, to carry out as much or as little of the installation process as you choose.





Each turntable is delivered in a large panel van, making vehicular access straightforward. We would require one person to be available at the time of delivery to help offload the goods.

Download Groundwork Drawing



This more popular and cost-effective option is where the customer - or third party - carries out the preparatory groundwork, based on the technical drawing we will provide. We then deliver the turntable to site, assemble it on the prepared concrete pad and commission the turntable so it is fully operational.

This does not necessarily mean the turntable can be used immediately; this is dependent on the surrounding area also being suitable for a vehicle to drive across onto the turntable.