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Do I need to get planning permission for a car turntable?

Usually not. However, where you would generally find added restrictions (eg. an area of outstanding natural beauty or listed properties), it is wise to check.

If in any doubt, contact your local planning office for clarification.

Should I go for manual or motorised operation?

In 99 per cent of cases, we supply motorised turntables.

Manually operated turntables tend to be fitted where a developer merely wants to tick a box that says the property being developed has complied with a requirement to have a turntable. This is the cheapest option.

From the point of view of someone who will be using the turntable on a daily basis, the benefits of pushing a button in the warmth and comfort of your vehicle – in comparison to physically pushing the car around in all weathers – far outweigh the difference in cost.

Can I upgrade my manually operated turntable to a motorised version?

Yes, you can. We have designed our turntables in such a way that we can add a motor at a later date, without having to disturb the original installation.

What size turntable do I need?

Our 3.8m and 4.1m turntables tend to be for smaller end cars.

Meanwhile, our 4.5m turntables tend to be for larger, luxury cars.

The 5m and 6m turntables can respectively bear two smaller cars and two larger cars.

How much space is required for a turntable?

Please refer to our Turntable Calculator page to assess the space required for each size of turntable.

How deep/high is the turntable?

Our turntables are flush-fit but will vary in depth depending on the top finish, between 179mm and 233mm overall.

Can I fit the turntable myself?

Yes, you can. In many instances, customers have installed their own turntable with no previous experience whatsoever. If you are practically minded and fit and healthy, a self-install can be both personally and financially rewarding.

If cost is an issue, then you, or your builder, can do part of the preparatory ground work prior to our installers fitting and commissioning your new turntable.

One gentleman reported that it took him nine hours, from start to finish, to single-handedly to install a 3.8m motorised model.

How big does the hole in the ground have to be?

The exact depth of the excavation will vary slightly according to the thickness of material used on the visible surface of the turntable. However, the average depth is about 200mm – or eight inches – for the majority of the area in question.

If you would like a technical drawing of groundwork dimensions, one is available to download on our Installation page.

Can I have a turntable fitted on a slope?

Motorised models can be installed on anything up to a one-in-20 gradient.

Manually operated turntables must be fitted to level areas only. This is due to the pendulum force experienced if the weight of a vehicle is unevenly distributed.

How are motorised models powered? What are the power requirements?

Our turntables are powered by an industrial electric motor, which is supplied by a standard domestic household socket via an inverter. This inverter gives us a number of control options – rotation speed, etc – thus enabling one piece of equipment to cater for many applications, whether they be in an industrial or domestic environment.

This method has proven to be safe, reliable, cost-effective, clean and, importantly, environmentally friendly.

The power requirements are: 13amp dedicated supply via a 16amp RCBO breaker.

Can I still use my turntable if there is a power cut?

Yes, you can – providing the turntable has been installed on a relatively level plane, thus reducing the risk of a pendulum force which can occur when vehicles have uneven weight distribution (a heavy engine at one end).

There is a quick and simple operation to temporarily disconnect the drive mechanism, allowing the turntable to be used in manual mode until power is restored.

Can I blend the top surface of my turntable into its surroundings?

Yes, you can. There are a number of options available. When configuring the specification of your turntable, we would offer you a number of choices for the top surface.

These choices vary, including aluminium, bound gravel systems or even block paving.

View the Finishes & Options section of our Prestige Car Turntables page to see the options available.

How reliable are UKT360 turntables and what maintenance is required?

We are so confident about the reliability of our turntables that we provide a comprehensive five-year parts and labour warranty*.

When we designed our UKT360 range, we placed ‘reliability’ and ‘low maintenance’ at the top of our priority list.  All moving parts have ‘sealed-for-life’ bearings and are intentionally over-engineered for the job they do, therefore keeping maintenance to a minimum.

We recommend an annual check of drive wheel tension and some routine greasing.

* This applies to our Prestige Car Turntables; DIY Car Turntables carry a 12-month warranty