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Prestige Car Turntables

Soft-start, soft-stop
Variable speed


  • Find a creative solution to parking problems
  • Turn your vehicle through 360 degrees
  • Simple process from the comfort of your vehicle
  • Single-vehicle model will accommodate most UK vehicles
  • Dual-vehicle model also available
  • Bespoke options can be incorporated into various projects

UKT360 were hard-working and easy-going, and work was carried out neatly with respect to other trades on site. They did a great job. I definitely will use their service again and can happily recommend them to anyone who has a similar project. They were very responsive and also offered incredible help all the way along.


More information

Revolutionise your driveway and tackle the ever-increasing challenge of reduced parking or turning space.

Our Prestige Car Turntables are designed and manufactured in our factory here in the UK and can be installed into your driveway, garage or garden, providing you with a solution to suit your needs and comply with highway requirements.

Either motorised or manual, coming in a variety of sizes and with an array of finishes available, we have an option to fit your price budget.

Our motorised model of car turntable is driven by an industrial electric motor and comes with remote-controlled operation as standard, plus a comprehensive 24-month warranty.

Larger models can even turn two vehicles at the same time. For the ultimate experience of a revolving driveway, look no further than our top of the range 6-metre car turntable, which is capable of rotating two Range Rovers. See our Turntable Calculator page for more.

This versatile product can be adapted to a number of scenarios, too. We have seen our rotating platforms used in a variety of ways beyond simply turning a vehicle.

Our technical staff are on hand to listen to your requirements and advise you accordingly.

Within the UKT Group, we also work with dealerships and can provide car photo booths or a car showroom turntable.

Finishes & Options


Our turntables can be installed in a garage or a residential private display area, meaning the finish - while robust - must match the aesthetics of the property. We have a series of interior finishes and options available to fit your needs.

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On a driveway, where a turntable is in action every day, the finish is just as important. Robust, hard-wearing options allow for years of use, while the aesthetics are again vital with the turntable on display outside your property.

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