UTURN Prestige Driveway Turntables

With space demanding an ever-increasing premium, there has never been a better time to use some creative thinking when it comes to utilising parking space at home - and, at UK Turntables, we have the perfect solution!

The highway code requires road users to enter their property in a forward gear and to leave in the same way. Increasingly, Planning Departments are also rejecting building applications where clients are unable to comply with highway requirements. This need not be a problem, however, with our UTURN Prestige Driveway turntable.

The driveway turntable makes it possible for you to turn a vehicle through 360 degrees, if necessary (although 180 degrees tends to be the required norm), all within a 5 metre diameter of garden or garage space. The process can take place in the comfort of your car while fastening your seat belt or entering your destination into the Sat Nav. Simply press a button on your key fob and the driveway turntable will do the rest - all you have to do is press the button again once you have reached your desired position, bringing you to a gentle stop.

With a driveway turntable from UK Turntables, entering and leaving your property becomes effortless and the days of struggling to fit into small parking spaces are long behind you!

UTURN Prestige Driveway Turntables

Versatile Driveway Turntables To Suit Every Need

While a push-around version of the UTURN driveway turntable is available, most clients tend to opt for the motorised model.

Driven by an industrial electric motor, it makes light work of turning whatever vehicle you choose to drive on to it. Our single-vehicle model will accommodate most UK vehicles, up to and including a BMW X5 or a Bentley GT Continental. We also make a 5 metre diameter driveway turntable for those clients who want a bigger target area for their larger vehicle or perhaps want to turn two smaller vehicles side by side. For the ultimate experience of a revolving driveway, look no further than our top of the range 6 metre driveway turntable, which is capable of rotating two Range Rovers.

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All of the Prestige UTURN Driveway Turntables come with remote-controlled operation as standard, plus a comprehensive 24-month warranty.

If you are interested in finding out more about our driveway turntables, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team today.

You can also see one of our turntables in action below, along with some of our most recent turntable installations.