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Photographic Turntables | Motor Dealer Photography

Internet selling - or, at the very least, browsing - represents a key business area to all leading motor dealers in the UK today.

What better way to entice a potential customer to your premises than to present your vehicle stock in a new and exciting way by creating a virtual showroom on line?

With the use of a vehicle turntable and a still or video camera, you can bring your stock to life, putting you ahead of the competition.


The Considerations:

Space: The rotation area needs to be at least 6m x 6m                                                                        We manufacture the Turntable

Configuration:   In the ground (Flush fit)  or built into a raised platform?                                                  We write the Image Capture Software

Photography: What images do you want to capture? Still / video/360 or all three?                                 We build the Photo Booth

Control:                                                                                                                                              We provide a total solution

  •           Standard Remote Control
  •           Programmed Positioning
  •           Automated Object Capture

We can provide a photographic turntable to fit into your existing infrastructure or provide a fully operational photographic enclosure including the turntable, platform, ramp, walls, lighting, cameras and PC and all points in between.

Are you currently paying for your vehicle photography? Why pay for something that your existing staff could produce at the touch of a button

Contact dealer360 Ltd to discuss your requirements and get a quotation today.