Driveway Turntables

Are you struggling for parking space? Is your driveway difficult to access? If so, UK Turntables can help! With our innovative UTURN Prestige Driveway Turntables, you can revolutionise your driveway making it easily accessible, no matter how small a space it is.

How Does The UTURN Prestige Driveway Turntable Work?

The highway code requires road users to enter and leave their property in a forward gear. As a result, planning departments are increasingly rejecting building applications where clients are unable to comply with this requirement. With a UTURN Prestige Driveway Turntable however, this is no longer a problem! Our innovative turntables make it possible to turn a vehicle through 360 degrees if necessary, all within a 5 metre diameter of your driveway space. Not only does this make accessing and leaving your driveway easier but it also enables you to make the most of your parking space, even if it really is only small!

The UTURN Driveway Turntable is incredibly user friendly as once installed, you simply press a button on your key fob once and the driveway turntable will begin to gently and smoothly turn. Once your vehicle is facing the right way, you simply press the button again once to stop the turntable turning – it really couldn’t be easier!

Driven by an industrial electric motor, our UTURN Prestige Driveway Turntables are equipped to accommodate most UK vehicles up to a BMW X5 or a Bentley GT Continental. 

Quality Guaranteed

At UK Turntables, all of our driveway turntables are British made and are expertly designed and manufactured by our highly trained team. If you choose our delivery and assembly package, our teams will also professionally and quickly commission your driveway turntable so that it is fully operational. We work closely with customers to make the whole process as easy as possible!

Find Out More About Our Driveway Turntables

At UK Turntables, we specialise in designing and manufacturing innovative driveway turntables all of which come with a comprehensive 24-month warranty. If you are interested in our UTURN Prestige Driveway Turntable but require more information, request a brochure today. Alternatively, please feel free to contact us directly, a member of our friendly and dedicated team will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.