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Case Studies

Customer Testimonial – Residential Car Turntable

Devon, United Kingdom

UKT360 Group recently installed last April 2022 a residential car turntable in Devon.

UKT360 takes care of their customers from the initial enquiry to the final installation.

UKT360 is always thrilled to receive positive customer feedback.

This is what our customer had to say in a follow up email:

“Hi Nicky,
UK Turnaround 360 were extremely helpful from the moment of first enquiry to the finished installation.
They talked through our requirements, provided a quote and were not at all pushy with the sale.
They informed us of each step of process and answered any questions we had promptly.
I can’t comment on long term reliability of the product as we have only just had ours installed but based on initial function and it’s built quality I have confidence in it’s long term reliability.”